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Certified in London UK Eyelash Extension Specialists offer consultation and sales of individual eyelash extensions: length - 8mm to 15mm; curl – J, B, C, D; thickness – 0.15mm to 0.25mm. Complete line of related products: primer; adhesive; remover; tweezers; under eye patches; makeup remover pads, jade stone, tape, microswab, microbrush, mascara. We consult, recommend and sell only highest quality products. All prices on the website are in Canadian dollars.

Eyelash Extensions Mascara

Proper after-care must be undertaken by clients to assure the quality & longevity of eyelash extensions. Technician is expected to explain clients how semi-permanent eyelash extensions should be treated after the procedure. Clients should be made aware that the mascaras they use must be water-based, especially created for eyelash extensions. Max2 Max2 special mascara gold contains various natural products including royal jelly and herb extracts, adds volume to client's lashes without damaging the lash bonding. DV special glowing mascara has been specifically formulated for usage on eyelash extensions as well as client's natural lashes It is premium quality, completely water-washable and can be removed without the use of oil-based cleansers. Excellent volume up mascara gives voluminous and richer eyelashes. It prevents the eyelashes from sticking together and helps your clients to have gorgeous eyelashes.

In this category you will find individual eyelash extension treatment after care products that will help your lashes look better and last longer: Max2 special mascara gold, DV glowing mascara, Excellent volume up mascara.

Available Mascara:

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Max2 Special Mascara Gold
Max2 Special Mascara Gold has been specifically formulated for usage on eyelash extensions as wel..
Ex Tax: CA$20.49
DV Glowing Mascara
DV Special Mascara Gold has been specifically formulated for usage on eyelash extensions as well ..
Ex Tax: CA$13.99
Excellent Volume Up Mascara
  Excellent Volume Up Mascara for eyelash extensions.   Brand NEW product o..
Ex Tax: CA$24.49
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